Richard Simmons Comes to Sioux Falls!

Or, Dan's Big Break! Haha!

Dan Johnson, Laughter Yoga TeacherDan had a blast dressing up as Richard Simmons for a party at the local retirement center Dow Rummel. We were part of a six-week program they had for residents and the community called "Punch Your Way to Wellness!" (The punch meant punch cards, not boxing, whew!)

We shared Laughter Yoga as part of the program, so when they asked if Dan would help them out at the wrap-up party dressed as Richard Simmons he couldn't wait to see the expressions on our laughter buddies when he came out in his short shorts, bedazzled tank top and red wig. It was hilarious!! And, so much fun! He had a great time and so did all the folks who came to celebrate.

Dan Johnson, Therapeutic Massage

We think he looks a little more like the comedian Carrot Top than Richard Simmons, but only from the neck up. hahaha!

Life is too short to be boring - we can all take a lesson from Dan and live life with Joy!

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